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Your Voice Matters

Protests have rocked college campuses across the U.S.—resulting in arrests, cancelled graduations, and concerns over the safety and rights of students.

We want to know how YOU feel your college, or other colleges nationwide, are handling these events and incidents.

Which colleges do you feel handled these situations well, or not?

What do you think could have been handled differently? What do you suggest?


Do you feel safe on campus?

Do you feel that free speech is at risk?

And where, in your opinion, is the boundary between free speech and hate speech?

What do you think the government should or shouldn’t do about the situation (OCR, law enforcement, Congress, etc)?


*RMC is a neutral, third-party site dedicated to letting ALL voices be heard.

The purpose of this platform is NOT to promote your social or political views—but rather to share your perspective on if and how colleges are handling these issues in a way that protects both the safety and rights of all students on campus.

Ratings can also focus on how colleges handle other issues related to Student Safety, not just current events but also incidents that can impact students on an individual basis, such as Gender-based Violence (GBV).


Your Voice Matters. Share it with the World.

Please join us in opening up dialogue on how colleges are handling these campus events and incidents, so that everyone can work together to find and provide solutions to make the world a better place!

*Please remember to follow the rules and guidelines and be respectful of others 😊

Your Voice Matters

Let's Level the Playing Field!

Rate How Well you think US Colleges are Handling Issues that Impact Students' Rights and Safety on Campus